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About Jeremy

Jeremy Slagle always knew he'd become a designer someday. As a kid, he drew everything and anything he could think of, hung out with the designers at the advertising agency where his mom worked, and constantly took things apart to better understand them. Always looking for new ways to solve problems, Jeremy was the kid, and later the adult, whom people turned to when they needed help expressing themselves and their ideas graphically. Today, as the principal of his own firm, Jeremy puts his insatiable curiosity to work every day as he gets into the heads of his clients to really understand what it is they want and—perhaps more importantly—need in order to develop a memorable brand presence. With a firm belief that he is the master of his computer (and not the other way around), he works everything out on paper first to ensure that the logos he designs and the brands he creates are as thoughtful, effective and original as the clients they represent.


What people are saying:


"I have worked with many designers over the years. Often they are, frankly, not good listeners. The 'trust me, I’m the designer' attitude that many have is not productive. An entrepreneur knows her brand intimately and a designer must listen very carefully, put ego aside and adjust the designs as needed.

Good design is a waltz between a designer and an entrepreneur — each person must pay close attention and move together. Jeremy is an excellent dance partner. Never leading too strongly, always in tune to the needs, wants and desires of his clients.

If you have the chance to work with Jeremy on a brand, I wholeheartedly recommend him. It’s not just his talent that makes him so special, but his nurturing, open, and understanding personality that brings the right emotion to his work."

Jeni Britton, Owner, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

"We could not be more pleased with the work that Jeremy has done for us. We gave him the challenge of re-designing our brand. As artists ourselves it was difficult to hand over the reigns of something so close to us. But Jeremy listened to exactly what we needed, took the time to understand our brand and produced work that far exceeded our expectations. We could not be more pleased with the results."

Catherine Lang-Cline, Owner, Portfolio Creative Services

"As a freelance writer, I've worked with a lot of designers, but I've rarely had the privilege of working with someone as intelligent, respectful, thoughtful and just plain talented as Jeremy Slagle. The truth is, it seems there's nothing he can't do. He's a gifted photographer, an inspired designer, a talented illustrator, a passionate family man, and an all-around great guy. I love working with Jeremy because he respects both the process and his partners, and I always know that whatever project he takes on is going to have wonderful results."

Chris Myers, Verb Garden, Inc.

"We knew that we needed a new look for our beers, but we were not sure what direction to go. Jeremy helped us define what we wanted and then delivered even more. In the first 30 days of launching our new packaging we saw growth of over 50% and we have not slowed down."

Eric Bean, Brewmaster, Columbus Brewing Co.

"We were faced with a very difficult challenge. We had to remake our entire image but have it line up with our existing product and reputation. I had thought that this was impossible, but after my first meeting with Jeremy I knew that he could do it. Jeremy was great to work with, and very creative. His proactive attitude was inspiring and helpful in getting the project done. The end result was miles beyond what I could have expected, and have received nothing but good reviews about it. It was probably the most beneficial investment I have made to date...that, and the hot tub full of champagne."

Daniel McKewen, Owner, Seagull Bags