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Crave Magazine Features Slagle Design

Thrilled to be featured in this article about food branding in Columbus.


Pinchflat IV this weekend!

Please come out this weekend and join the fun! 30 local artists will be displaying and selling limited edition, traditionally printed art...all inspired by the bicycle. Each print costs ony $30!

There are events Friday evening and all day Saturday. You can get more info at www.pinchflatcolumbus.com


Video of my visit to SAA

Thanks SAA for having me out!


Dean & Deluca picks up three Columbus food brands!

So excited to report that New York based retailer of gourmet and specialty foods, Dean & Deluca just picked up three brands that we designed/redesigned over the past year: Brezel, Luna Burger, and Ganola. They will be featured in their retail stores and eventually on their website and upcoming catalogs in 2014!

Thanks to my creative partner, Christine Myers, who wrote all of the strategy, copy and creative briefs which all had significant impact on the design. These brands would not be what they are without her partnership. Thanks Chris!


Park Street Pizza photos

Last week I had the opportunity to hang with Rocky and Courntney Shanower, Owners of Park Street Pizza in Sugarcreek, Ohio, as we spent the day visiting local farmers and producers to shoot pictures for their upcoming website and branding (can't show you that yet but it's really exciting). It's no surprise we had a great time. Thanks to the crew at Park Street for allowing me to be in their way all day as I documented their work.


Speaking at SAA

I'm excited to be speaking to the students at the School of Advertising Arts next Wednesday. I visited there nearly 20 years ago while applying to schools and they were my top pick. I have a feeling a lot has changed since then. Can't wait to check it out and hang with the students for the afternoon.

More info here.


Brezel at the North Market

This spring, I had the pleasure of working with Brittany Baum, owner of Brezel, to rebrand her amazing Bavarian pretzel bakery. It's been really fun to see her grow into a larger space at the North Market and take the time to work with me on a redesign of her shop. It turned out great! In order to keep the cost down, she did much of the prep work herself, painting the various surfaces, and helping me apply the vinyl to the counters, and signage. Her shop certainly stands out now and she gets loads of compliments from North Market customers and other vendors as well.

To see the rest of her branding and packaging click here.


Cambodia trip video

As many of you know, we just returned from a three week, life-changing trip to visit our friends at an orphan home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Here's a short video of our time spent with the kids at Asia's Hope Prek Eng 2 children's home.

Click here for more information about Asia's Hope.



New project: Luna Burger

Look for the new Luna Burger identity and packaging in your local freezer section this summer! Barbie and Megan have been great to work with. Marketing and creative writing by Christine Myers of Verb Garden.

Here's a link to the gallery


Pinchflat 3 this Saturday!

Come out and join the fun. Cool art, group rides and live music, this weekend!

For more information visit www.pinchflatcolumbus.com

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Help us make some Cambodian kids smile

Excitement is building within the Slagle household as we prepare to leave for Cambodia in May--just a bit over a month away! Our kids are wrapping up the school year and are learning about the Cambodian people and their history. 

The primary purpose of our trip is to spend time with our extended church family: the staff and children of Asia's Hope Prek Eng 2 children's home—30 kids who can't wait for our visit. We have all of our travel plans and expenses covered but we really want to treat them to some special things while we are there. That's where you come in.

This is your opportunity, friends, clients, family, to treat orphans to a special meal, a trip to the zoo, a trip to the market to buy something special...

Please consider contributing some money to help us accomplish this task. 100% of the money we receive will be spent on the kids of PE 2. Let's show them how much Central Ohio really loves them. You may not be able to go yourself but any bit you can spare really adds up. The U.S. dollar still goes a long way in SE Asia.

To donate to our fund for the kids of PE 2 you can follow the link below. All gifts are tax deductible.

Join us on our adventure and follow our trip blog.

Thank you all so much!


ColumbUS logo atroCITY!

The 200 Columbus Bicentennial logo is officially raged out of control. 

The initial logo and concept are really great--when it is used in the correct context. Overall, I like the meaning and message behind it. Then it happened...

If you are a local design observer you will notice the type treatment being injected into logos all over town, even those of private entities. 

This has got to stop for more reasons than I can begin to explain.

If you see more of these ColumbUS atroCITIES, send them my way.











Thank you Business First!

Thank you Business First for featuring my business in your Up Next Column this week. I'm truly honored.

You can see it here


PDF Slides iPad app is perfect

I had the opportunity to talk to my church this past Sunday. I used Indesign to build a PDF sideshow but I wanted to be able to be able to keep notes along with each slide without having to print out a stack of paper. It took more than three hours of searching on the app store before I found the PDF SLIDES app. There are plenty of options for PowerPoint users but this was the only one I found that works for PDF files.

It does everything I want it to do:

  1. Shows the current and next slide in the presentation
  2. Allows notes for each slide that do not appear on the presentation
  3. Times your presentation from the moment you advance the first slide (I recommend a "cover" slide that you can swipe past when your presentation starts.
  4. Shows a small timeline so you can see how far you are into your presentation (Very nice!)
  5. Works with Apple TV or video out (set it to mirroring)
  6. Works with Dropbox
  7. Laserpointer! use your finger to circle or point to parts of the slide. Nice feature.
  8. BONUS: there is a free app for the iphone or ipod touch that works as a wireless remote!

As nervous as I was to do the talk, the app really helped my keep my thoughts straight. I highly recommend it.




Pinchflat 3 Call for Entries

Calling all Central Ohio artists and designers! Pinchflat 3 Call for entries is available. We are changing things up this year. We are limiting the number of entries to 30 artists, with 30 posters. All posters will sell for $30 each.

For more information and to download the Call for Entries click here.


Brēzel Rebrand

Brittany Baum returned from a trip to Germany with a deep desire to recreate the authentic Bavarian pretzels she fell in love with while over seas. After perfecting the recipe, she treated her friends to these amazing delicies and then began selling her pretzels at local farmers markets. Brittany quickly realized she was on to something big. For the past two years, Brittany has had a space in Columbus' historic North Market where her business has blossomed. It's not uncommon to find her pretzels, pizza crusts, hot dog buns and rolls feautured in many Central Ohio restaurants.

Now, for the first time, Brēzel's pretzels will be available outside the North Market, in the grocery store frozen food aisle.  

It was my privilege to be able to work with Brittany and her team along with writing/strategy superstar, Christine Myers, to craft a new logo and Identity for their new North Market space as well as their pretzel stick packaging.

Be sure to watch for Brēzel Sticks to start popping up at Central Ohio Whole Foods and other grocery stores.

You can read more about their business expansion on Columbus Underground.




100% for Cambodia through June 2013


Quaint Co. was a result of a 2012 new year's resolution. As a graphic designer by trade, I was selling posters and art prints on my company website at www.jeremyslagle.com. I needed to separate my design business from my personal artwork so as not to water down my business offerings. It turned out to be a great idea.

As of last August, the sales were up a little but not nearly where I was hoping they would be. Then I got an email from fab.com; they wanted to sell my posters at the same time that I was leaving for a three week trip to Cambodia. Thanks to my wife and mother in law, they were able to fullfill the orders in my absence. The Fab sale was just what we needed to jumpstart sales.

I went to Cambodia with a few friends from my church to visit the children in an orpanage that my family has supported for the past seven years. I had no idea the impact that that trip would have on my life. You can read more about in on my travel blog here.

While I was there, I called my wife and asked her to consider something: What if Quaint Co. could be a way to raise enough money to bring the whole family (Becky and I and our two children) to Cambodia to meet the kids in 2013? She enthusiastically agreed. The following months were amazing! Between August and the end of 2012, sales increased by over 23 times! Enough to buy our tickets, PLUS send two of the older kids at the orphanage to college for their first year, buy a new motorcycle for the orphanage director, and donate a chunk towards rebuilding a new orphan home which had been destroyed by fire in Thailand! Amazing.

So, as of 2013, we are going to be more public about our involvement with Asia's Hope in Prek Eng, Cambodia. Not only to give you an opportunity to support us but to raise awareness of this amazing organization which we support whole-heartedly. 

As of January, we still have some expenses to cover on our trip and we are putting 100% of the sales between now and June, 2013 towards covering our remaining expenses plus we'd like to have some extra money to spend on the kids while we are there to take them out to dinner and spoil them a little. 

Every poster makes a difference!

I cant wait to see what happens in 2013. Thank you to all who have supported our vision by buying our artwork. Quaint Co. and the children of Prek Eng 2 orphanage appreciate it!

ALSO: if you don't have any more wall space for cool art and wish to donate to a fund that goes directly to spend on the kids of Prek Eng 2 you can donate at the link below. All of this money will be spent on helping out with the orphan home. None of these funds will be used for our travel expenses.



Ohio You Rawk!

I plan to be there for the opening. Should be fun. Come one come all!


Lilly Script

As I look ahead to 2013, one of my goals is to spend time practicing custom script.

In 2009 I began taking engrosser's script lessons from Bill Lilly. Shortly thereafter I lost my job and subsequently started my own business, so I dropped our weekly lessons due to the uncertainty of my situation at the time. This December I reconnected with my old friend and began taking lessons again. I forgot how much I missed learning his trade, even more importantly, spending time with him. 

Bill Lilly is a Columbus treasure, recognized world-wide by those who are insiders in his craft. Visitors come from all over the country, and some from other parts of the globe to spend time learning from him.

William A. (Bill) Lilly was born in Marion Kentucky in 1927. Bill displayed an interest in and appreciation of art as a boy. His interest developed into a talent that was encouraged by his parents and enjoyed by his family and friends. During these early years, Penmanship was an integral part of the school curriculum in America and Bill's abilities with a pen showed early promise that grew with time. In the late 40's, while Bill was attending Western Kentucky State Teachers College, Professor of Penmanship G.G. Craig became impressed with his student's abilities and advised him to refine his skills by attending the Zanerian College of Penmanship in Columbus, Ohio. The Zanerian was considered the foremost American school of penmanship and engrossing at that time. Bill took Professor Craig's advice and enrolled. There his natural talent was enhanced by the expert teaching of the master penmen at the college, E.A. Lupfer and Palmer Bloser, while he was exposed to all aspects of the engrossing art, from broad pen lettering in Old English and German Text styles to the more demanding Engrosser's script. This last he especially loved and it became his primary interest. Mastering the beautiful 400-year-old script, with its disciplined contrast of fine hairlines and shades, its elegant simple and compound curves and its graceful flow, required long hours of concentrated study and practice. Bill's study at the Zanerian was rewarded in two ways: during his last six months there he was employed by the commercial arm of the Zaner-Bloser enterprise as a professional writer of script and then earned a coveted Gold Seal Certificate of Merit, the top award given by the college. --- quoted from www.zanerian.com

Today, Bill lives on the south east side of Columbus with his wife Sandy. He keeps busy with frequent individual and group teaching sessions in his home. When he's not teaching, he stays active by bicycling and rollerblading.  

Because his craft is a bit of a lost art, the tools of the trade can be hard to come by. Bill also makes pens (called oblique penholders) on his lathe in his basement woodshop and sells them online here. 


(above: my feeble attempts at capital letters)

If you want to learn more about Engrosser's Script, just search youtube. You'll find plenty of demos and how-to videos. If you are interested in contacting him to set up a session yourself, the best way to reach him is via email. Be sure to tell him Jeremy sent you.




Invest in yourself

In Janary 2012, I decided to explore three new ideas that had been lurking in the back of my brain. I picked up a Moleskine journal and started making notes and sketching my ideas. While not all of them came to fruition, I did follow through with all three ideas. Two of the three actually happened, and the third has been put on the back burner for now. Here were my ideas:


1. Create an app that turns your ipad into a portable light box. 

Why? Because I saw way too many people using their computer monitors to trace. An iPad based lightbox seemed like the perfect solution.

How? I looked up a friend of mine who works for a mobile software delveloper and we decided to work together to make this idea a reality. I laid out the design and the developer did his thing.  We split the profits 50/50.

What did I learn? Designing the app was the easy part. Most of my time went into branding, creating a demo video, designing the micro-site, setting up the social media...all extra stuff that I didn't think about initially.

Result? I created my first mobile app: Inkr. I learned a ton, sold a few and it was a good experience overall. I have had a few requests to create mobile apps and am looking forward to putting my new knowledge into practice.  


2. Notebooks and sketchbooks from make-ready press sheets.

Why? Most printers have stacks and stacks of cover sheet stock that have 10-plus layers of various client projects printed over them--all headed for the recycle bin. These press sheets look super cool and would make great sketchook covers--just load them up with plain paper. No need to print; no two would be alike. 

What did I learn? That printers weren't really interested in trying it out.

Result? Didn't happen...maybe someday.


3. Create a new brand to sell my own artwork.

Why? The first thing I did when I started Jeremy Slagle Graphic Design was to create a set of affordable camera prints based on my vintage camera collection. I did this for two reasons: 1. as a self promotional pice to send to potential clients, 2. to drive people to my website to see something fun. The prints achieved both goals and are still the top selling pices on Quaintco.com. In the first two years I had to reorder these several times to keep up with the sales. I added a couple more posters and started generating some sales through my own website. However, I really didn't want to confuse potential clients as to what I do or could do for their businesses. For my main site, I want people to see me as a designer, not a fine artist. It was time to start something new.

How? I spent some time on Thesaurus.com and started plugging in words that describe vintage, designed, nostalgic...etc. The word "Quaint" kept coming up in the search. It means "marked by skillful design, beauty or elegance; unusual or different in character or appearance; pleasingly or strikingly old-fashioned or unfamiliar." Perfectly describing my style. Hence: www.quaintco.com. I realize that "Quaint" isn't exactly a positive word in today's vocaulary, so I'm presenting it in a way that works for my brand. 

What did I learn? Using my slower times to create fresh art is a good return on investment. I won't make the money back immediately, but if I can sell through a batch of prints over the course of a year, I will easily recuperate the time spent and the cost of printing. Besides all of this, it gives me the opportunity to create stuff that I like. My biggest criteria is "would I hang this in my home or studio?" If yes, chances are I'll create it.

Result? Sales this year blew away any expectations that I had. Hooking up with the folks at Fab.com was a great way to sell a ton of work in a short amount of time. This also lead to more exposure and follow-up orders. I have also been selling my work wholesale to some on-line retailers. But most of all, I really enjoy seeing the orders come in throughout the week. There is something really exciting when your iPhone notifies you that you just made a new sale to France, Australia, or New York City. My favorite part of poster sales is sending my work, one poster tube at a time, all over the world. 


So What?

All of these endeavors cost me something: money, time and energy, but the thing I learned the most is that when you invest in yourself, you rarely lose. I'm no expert when it comes to investments like stocks, bonds, and IRAs, but I do know that most times you are putting your money in the hands of CEOs and boards to use it how they wish. Your returns are based on their decisions. This has always made me uncomfortable with investments. That's not to say that I don't have a retirement plan of sorts but I just hope that my advisor is putting my money in the best place possible. I have no control.

When you invest some money back into yourself and the things you love, you can make your own decisions; no need to run it by a board. Make something you like, find out how to have it produced, and figure out how to market it. Even if you break even in the end, you will have done something for yourself and you can't put a dollar amount on personal satisfaction and creative expression.

With 2013 just around the corner, my mind has been spinning about next year's "3 things." Next December, I hope I can look back with similar results. If you are interested in a great little book to inspire your "3 things" for 2013, download "It will be Exhilarating" by Studio Neat. It's only $5 and it's sure to help release that inner entrepeneur.